Musical groups/events Mr. C. and I are involved with that I think you might enjoy:

JAZZVOX: If you would enjoy hearing fantastic jazz performances within the intimate and comfortable environment of someone’s home (ours), please visit the JazzVox website www.jazzvox.com for more information. We keep the musical quality as high as you would experience in a club without the inherent noise and distractions associated with club shows. And the food – well suffice it to say we take a great deal of pride in the food and wine we serve.

Upcoming shows:

  • Sunday February 11 – Cheryl Bentyne & John Proulx
  • Sunday March 25 – Kenny Washington w/ Randy Porter
  • Sunday April 15 – Kristin Korb
  • Sunday May 20 – Peter Eldridge & Sara Gazarek


SWINGNUTS JAZZ: A fine handful of musicians (Mr. C. on piano) who play original & classic swing, Brazilian, and free-wheelin’ jazz. Led by “head nut” Peggy Wendel (vocals/songwriter), the group includes Mark Dodge (bass), Jack Stafford (sax) and Grant Wilson (drums).  Visit the “nuts” on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/swingnutsjazz.

Upcoming performances:

  • Wednesday January 31 @ Rockfish Grill, Anacortes.  6-9pm.
  • Sunday February 4 @ Crossroads Mall, Bellevue.  12:30-2:30pm.


TimE3 JAZZ: This group brings the art of the piano trio to audiences in the Anacortes area. Consisting of Tim Eslick (bass), Todd Anderson (drums) and Mr. C. (piano), the trio has released its recent CD “Haunted Melodies”, recorded January 2017 at Audio Logic Studio in Seattle.  For more information visit www.time3jazz.com.

Upcoming performances:

  • Wednesday February 7 @ Rockfish Grill, Anacortes.  6-9pm.
  • Saturday February 10 @ La Conner Sips, La Conner (time TBA).
  • Friday January 16 @ Cassera Gallery, La Conner.  8-10pm.


A’Town BIG BAND: Mr. C. plays piano in this excellent 17-piece big band, which performs for swing dances and festivals in the Anacortes area.  For more information visit https://sites.google.com/site/atownbigband/home.

Upcoming performances:

  • Saturday February 24 – Swing Dance @ Anacortes Senior Activity Center.  7-9pm.


TANGOHEART: Mr. C. gets to stretch his pianistic “chops” in this quintet, the Northwest’s premier tango ensemble.  Led by Bertram Levy (bandoneon), the group includes Ruth Dornfeld (violin), Dorothy Shapiro (viola) and Todd Gowers (doublebass).  At a Tangoheart show you will hear both classic tangos made famous by Argentine dance orchestras, and also the exciting modern tangos of the immortal Astor Piazzolla.  For more information visit: http://www.tangoheart.com

Upcoming performances:

  • Saturday February 17 – Milonga @ Dance Underground Seattle.  10:00pm to midnight.



SEABREEZE JAZZ BAND: A superb jazz septet based in Bellingham, for which Mr. C. gets to create 3-horn arrangements of jazz standards.  With Jerry Fenwick (flugelhorn), Jack Stafford (sax), Dave Keim (trombone), Walt Burkett (guitar), Robert Ray (bass), Grant Wilson (drums).


THE FAT FRIDAYS: “Jazz-infused Rock & Blues” is the motto of this quintet, with Mark Dodge (guitar/vocals), Mr. C. (keyboard), James Clark (bass), Don Kellogg (drums) and Jack Stafford (sax).  The group’s CD “Never On Tuesdays” provides the soundtrack for my daily workout!  For more info visit: http://www.thefatfridays.com.

Upcoming performances:

  • Friday February 12 @ Angel of the Winds casino, Arlington.  11am-3pm.