How is it even remotely possible that I was so remiss as to not publish this recipe until today? I mean really, I have been making these fabulous stuffed mushrooms since the early 70s! I actually didn’t even realize that I hadn’t published this recipe until I made some for dinner last evening and checked my blog to see if I had attached a picture. (Some of my recipes that were published early on did not have a picture attached. So when I make an old favorite recipe and remember to check, I add pictures as needed.)

So imagine my horror when I checked last evening and I couldn’t find the post, much less a picture of these amazing bites of heaven! I do believe an apology is in order. I have kept this fantastic recipe to myself for almost 2 years now while you could have been preparing them for your family and friends. Oh the accolades that have gone unspoken that should have been yours this entire time. Not to mention the adoration shining on the faces of your friends and family. I’m so ashamed.

So please accept my apology and don’t hesitate to prepare these scrumptious morsels next time you need a quick and easy warm appetizer.

Word of warning: Take these out of the oven and plate them yourself. If given the opportunity, a husband or friend, trying to be helpful of course, will offer to relieve you of that duty. But be advised; there will be far fewer of these little babies for your guests to enjoy if you do not perform this task yourself. I speak from years of experience on this one!

  • 2 lbs. fresh mushrooms, 1-inch in diameter
  • ½ lb. lean bacon, low sodium if possible (Costco’s low-sodium bacon is wonderful)
  • 1 (8-oz.) pkg. cream cheese, room temperature
  • 2 T. dehydrated onion
  • 1 c. finely grated Parmesan cheese
  • paprika

Clean and core the mushrooms; chop the stems and set aside. Cut bacon into very small pieces and fry in a medium sauté pan until crisp. Remove bacon and drain on paper towels. Set aside. Remove excess bacon fat from pan. (There should still be a little fat left in the pan.) Add the chopped mushroom stems and cook on low for about 10 minutes or until the stems are very tender. Remove pan from heat. Stir in the cream cheese, onion, Parmesan cheese, and reserved bacon pieces. Place mushroom caps upside down in a rimmed baking pan. Scoop bacon mixture into mushroom cavities taking care not to over-fill. (Mixture will soften as it bakes.) Sprinkle lightly with paprika. Place in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for approximately 25 minutes or until mushrooms are soft and mixture is hot and very slightly brown. Serve warm.

Note: Can be baked ahead and re-warmed just before serving.

Please let me know if you like this recipe. Thanks